- Month: January 2016 -

Real Weddings

Brianna and Zach’s Wedding

Brianna and Zach first met on a chairlift while on vacation at Steamboat Ski Resort. It was the week before Christmas, and without even knowing each other existed, Brianna and Zach both had the same goal in mind: shred some powder in Steamboat, Colorado! Brianna is from Michigan and Zach is from Texas, but it just so happened on that Tuesday, December 18th, they found themselves waiting for the same chairlift at exactly the same time. Zach assessed the situation quickly. The girl in front of him was probably a 10 year old, or a very short, very cute woman. Either way, riding together would get him up the mountain more quickly, which was really all that mattered. "Mind if I ride up with you?" he asked. "Yeah sure," Brianna responded, just hoping she…