- Month: February 2016 -

Wedding Inspiration

Blue and White China Wedding Inspiration

The smallest detail can be the inspiration for your wedding design. Amanda Allsbrook of Magnificent Moments Weddings created this entire wedding inspiration shoot around blue and white china. She incorporated lovely details and pops of pink to curate a romantic and classic style, all captured by Green Valley Photography. By choosing a single item as her inspiration, Amanda was able to execute a cohesive look that successfully highlights the beauty of the china. We all have items we cherish, things we love, and ideas we can't let go of. So why not use those as inspiration for your wedding? Let yourself be inspired by what you love. Maybe it's your grandmother's china, or a black and white photograph, or your vintage engagement ring. Perhaps you find inspiration in your mother's wedding gown or the…

Love Stories

Our Love Story is My Favorite…How Breanna and Kyle Met

It was a simple moment: the new girl walking into a full classroom on the first day of a new semester, a class she had no business being in, a class she would try three times to get out of. But in this class there was a boy, a senior boy, charming and sweet, though totally unaware of it. A regular day in a regular high school, when a boy offered a girl his seat, and from the corner of her eye she looked at him and thought, this boy is cute. The best things in life come when you least expect them. At fifteen, Breanna wasn’t looking for her soul mate. But she found him in fourth period. Kyle knew right away, though he would never admit it.   The Best Mistake of…