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Relationship Advice

How to Surprise Your Partner, Even From Miles Away: Guest Post by Jennifer Craig

How to Surprise Your Partner, Even From Miles Away - Guest Post by Jennifer Craig - Winsome Rose Journal

One of the most challenging things to do when your partner is miles away is to plan a surprise. Surprises are just one way to help your long-distance relationship maintain a healthy security of love and assurance. From sending a card to making a trip, there are many ways to surprise your partner.   Send a Thoughtful Message One of the greatest ways to connect in a long-distance relationship is to send a thoughtful message. Not just one that says hello or describes the details of your day, but one that is sincere and thought out. Whether it is just a regular day, or one of you is sick, your partner will gladly receive a thoughtful message that shares a little love, even from far away.   Mail A Gift Mailing a gift can…

Real Weddings

Laguna Beach First Look by Elisha Braithwaite Photography

Laguna Beach Bridal Session by Elisha Braithwaite Photography / California Wedding

Hunter and Taylor Ann met on the first day of class in their senior year at BYU. It was an evening class, and Taylor Ann had come straight from work at a clinic for children with autism. She walked into class with dirt and remnants of the kids’ lunches smeared on her jacket. And when Hunter stepped in a few minutes later, she recognized him immediately from freshman year. They had lived in the same dorms, and Taylor Ann thought that Hunter and his SoCal friends were “the coolest kids around”. Fast forward three years, and Hunter sat down beside Taylor Ann and introduced himself on that first day of senior year. After class, he tried to walk with Taylor Ann, but she hurried in the other direction, too intimidated and afraid of embarrassing…