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About Breanna and Kyle

Photography by Emily Jane Photography

Hello, we’re Brie and Kyle!

We met in high school and have been inseparable ever since. We are romantic and cheesy. We’re crazy about each other and it shows. For us, it’s the little things, the little moments, that are the most special. We take care of each other in little ways. She schedules my appointments and he makes me dinner. She organizes my closet and he changes the oil in my car. Simple is what we strive for, and to put it simply we make each other happy.

We are best when we are together, and that is why this blog is possible. Without Kyle, I wouldn’t have the confidence to share my thoughts with the world, and without Breanna, I wouldn’t have the heart behind Winsome Rose’s mission. And that mission is to inspire people to live a life filled with love, to create spaces that inspire and comfort, and to notice the little things that make life worth living each and every day.

With love,

Brie and Kyle