Brianna and Zach’s Wedding

Brianna and Zach first met on a chairlift while on vacation at Steamboat Ski Resort. It was the week before Christmas, and without even knowing each other existed, Brianna and Zach both had the same goal in mind: shred some powder in Steamboat, Colorado! Brianna is from Michigan and Zach is from Texas, but it just so happened on that Tuesday, December 18th, they found themselves waiting for the same chairlift at exactly the same time. Zach assessed the situation quickly. The girl in front of him was probably a 10 year old, or a very short, very cute woman. Either way, riding together would get him up the mountain more quickly, which was really all that mattered.

“Mind if I ride up with you?” he asked. “Yeah sure,” Brianna responded, just hoping she wouldn’t have to endure another “dude, brah…” conversation during the 12 minute ride up the mountain.

Brianna and Zach got to talking and realized maybe there was something a little special about the person next to them. Zach suggested they do a couple runs together, since he knew the mountain pretty well and Brianna had just arrived a couple days ago. They did a few runs, and then Zach told her about his favorite area that he found particularly enjoyable with all the fresh snowfall.

“Trust me, it’s super fun!” Zach reassured as they reached the top. It’s hard to say whether it was the lack of oxygen in the thin mountain air or just pure excitement that led Brianna to think she could keep up.

“Alright. Let’s do it!” she said. Zach led the way, flying down the slope, turning sharply in and out of the trees followed closely by Brianna…at least for the first 5 minutes. Then Brianna felt herself sink about 2.5 feet into the snow when she turned a little too close to one of the trees. Luckily, after 45 minutes of digging, compacting snow, and digging some more, she somehow managed to maneuver herself out of there! Exhausted, she worked her way down the slope. Finally, she saw the trees start to clear out. There was Zach, waiting patiently and looking up at her waving. Just as their eyes met, she caught her heel edge, and sunk butt first into the last few feet of deep powder. She was too tired to move a muscle.

Zach rushed over. “Hey what happened? Are you ok?” he asked as he started digging her out.

Brianna smiled. “Yeah. Just worn out! You know, you should probably get my phone number…”

“Right. Good idea!” Zach replied. And the rest is history! 


Brianna and Zach were married at St. Brigid Catholic Church in Midland, Michigan on September 5, 2015. Their wedding was captured by Miranda Lynn Photography.



Reception: Bovee Center
Bride’s Dress: Galina
Bridesmaid Dresses: Nordstrom
DJ: Andrew SmackDab

Miranda lives in Midland, Michigan with her husband and two kids. In her free time, she likes to read and watch her favorite television shows  <Castle, New Girl, Once Upon a Time, and many more>. One of her favorite things to do with her husband is to try out new restaurants, especially if Alfredo is on their menu! Her dad gave her his sense of humor, and she’s a little afraid she is passing it down to her children.

Photography has always been an interest for Miranda. After shooting weddings for 5 years, they continue to be her favorite to capture. The details, funny moments, and those amazing romantic poses, she loves it all!

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    What a beautiful wedding and wonderful story. I was smiling the whole time I read jit.

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