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Kaley + Travis // Dreamy Grand Rapids Wedding by Shelly’s Designs Florist

Kaley + Travis // Dreamy Grand Rapids Wedding by Shelly's Designs Florist / Jamie Gens Photography / Watermark Country Club / Bridal Elegance / Cheeky Strut // Winsome Rose Journal

With classic details and so much joy, Kaley and Travis's Grand Rapids wedding was picture perfect. Kaley was all smiles! And looking at the gorgeous photos by Jamie Gens Photography, you can tell just how proud the groom is of his beautiful bride. From Shelly Johnson, founder of Shelly's Designs Florist: Kaley and Travis were married on a beautiful autumn day in Grand Rapids, Michigan. Their day was positively dreamy and full of radiant love. Not to mention, Kaley and Travis were practically models! We adored the couple's whimsical, warm, and classic design. The country club was abundantly accented with garden roses, lisianthus, freesia, roses, and ranunculus. We are beyond grateful to have worked with such a beautiful, bubbly, laid-back couple. Congratulations Kaley and Travis, what a storybook wedding day you had!   Photography:…

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Will + Ashley // Beautiful Blush Wedding in Michigan by Christina Harrison Photography

Will + Ashley // Beautiful Blush Wedding in Michigan // Christina Harrison Photography // Fox Hills Golf and Banquet Center // Willow by Watters // Calvin Klein // The Gala House // Winsome Rose Journal

Will and Ashley's wedding was a decade in the making. They met early in high school, were introduced by mutual friends, and Ashley even wrote in her diary that she was "going to marry this boy". Before tying the knot, Will and Ashley had been through everything together...high school football games and graduation, going away to different colleges, and now they have the rest of their lives to live and love together. Their wedding day was a day of love and romance. With delicate drapery and soft, sweet floral details, this beautiful blush wedding was picture perfect (I mean, just try to look through these gorgeous photos from Christina Harrison Photography without swooning). And how could the day not be perfect, when this stunning bride had been planning it since she first met her…

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Sadie + Paul // Rustic Vintage Backyard Wedding by We Are The Cashmans Photography

Sadie and Paul's love story shows the divine importance of timing. They met the day after Paul returned from his deployment (he's a pilot in the Air Force, which is pretty freaking cool!). At a casual volleyball game that their church group put on every Sunday, Sadie met Paul for the first time. Her first impression? Oh, this is the Paul they were all talking about. Before meeting Paul, Sadie had gone through a really messy divorce. She'd been hurt, and for a long time she avoided dating. Just a few weeks after deciding that she was ready to move on, Paul entered her life. Just at the perfect time. Not long after they met, Paul had to move from Idaho to North Carolina. Sadie and Paul only had a month and a half…

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Garden Wedding in Grand Rapids, Michigan by Liv Lyszyk

Garden Wedding in Grand Rapids, Michigan by Liv Lyszyk I Frederik Meijer Gardens and Sculpture Park I Eastern Floral I Applause Catering and Events I Sara's Sweets Bakery I Winsome Rose Journal

Brett and Aera are one of the sweetest couples we've ever featured on the journal. From their pre-ceremony prayer together to Brett's ukulele song for Aera, this garden wedding was made up of perfect moments and thoughtful gestures. From the photographer, Liv Lyszyk: Brett and Aera are two of the most fun and welcoming people I've had the privilege of working with. Their family surrounded them with so much love on their special day and were an integral part of each aspect of the wedding. I also loved the unique and non-traditional aspects of their day. The morning ceremony was intimate and filled with their love for God and each other. Instead of having a receiving line, the bride and groom met their guests as they left the pews after the ceremony. It was…

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Laguna Beach First Look by Elisha Braithwaite Photography

Laguna Beach Bridal Session by Elisha Braithwaite Photography / California Wedding

Hunter and Taylor Ann met on the first day of class in their senior year at BYU. It was an evening class, and Taylor Ann had come straight from work at a clinic for children with autism. She walked into class with dirt and remnants of the kids’ lunches smeared on her jacket. And when Hunter stepped in a few minutes later, she recognized him immediately from freshman year. They had lived in the same dorms, and Taylor Ann thought that Hunter and his SoCal friends were “the coolest kids around”. Fast forward three years, and Hunter sat down beside Taylor Ann and introduced himself on that first day of senior year. After class, he tried to walk with Taylor Ann, but she hurried in the other direction, too intimidated and afraid of embarrassing…

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Intimate Wedding in Santorini, Greece

Intimate Wedding in Santorini by Yuliya Cvetkova / Planning by Orino Santorini / Hair and Makeup by Yuliya Popova / Santorini Flowers / Andromeda Villas / Greece Wedding

Alina dreamed of an intimate wedding in a beautiful and romantic place, and Sergey did everything he could to make that dream a reality for his bride. They were married on the edge of the sea on the island of Santorini, and it is impossible to look at their photos and not see the unmistakable and contagious happiness of this couple. From the Bride, Alina: In each country there are some wedding traditions. In Russia, you are expected to invite all of your acquaintances and relatives to your wedding for an official ceremony where you release birds to the sky and welcome guests with bread and salt. But I always dreamed of a wedding for two, somewhere on the edge of the earth, without too much fuss. Some people will disagree, but for me…

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Desert Bridal Session by Elisha Braithwaite Photography

Desert Bridal Session by Elisha Braithwaite Photography / Sheer Rose Design / Bianca Marie Hair and Makeup / Utah Wedding

Allie and Cole met in high school at Orem High, in an Adult Roles class.  Ironic, isn't it? How they met in a class about learning how to raise kids, work through marital issues, and manage money and health. Allie noticed Cole right away. He had quiet confidence, killer style, sincerity, and loyalty. She remembers spotting Cole in the halls at school and feeling fluttery every time they said hi to each other. And when Allie found out he rode BMX... swoon...it was obvious she had a major crush. But there was nothing more than small gestures of friendship between Allie and Cole through graduation, and so the years passed with each of them living independent of one another. Until one day, Allie received a simple Facebook message from Cole asking how she was…

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Sunset Ceremony in Tuscany

Sunset Ceremony in Tuscany, Italy / Alisa and Pavel / Yuliya Tsvetkova Photography / Castello La Leccia

When Pavel moved to work abroad, he and Alisa had only been together for 6 months. But the distance proved not to be an obstacle for their relationship, and after two years of flying to see each other every month, Alisa and Pavel finally decided it was time to get married. After a small family celebration, they flew to Tuscany, where they had their ideal wedding day…just the two of them. They cruised around picturesque vineyards, castles, and villages in a retro car, receiving congratulations from the locals. But the day’s high point came at sundown in a castello’s garden, where they exchanged their vows.   From photographer Yuliya Tsvetkova: Remembering Alisa and Pavel’s wedding, it is difficult to put my emotions into words. I’m so thankful to the beautiful couple that invited me…

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Evergreen Wedding in Weatherford, Texas

Real Wedding - Zach and Macie - Danielle Stewart Photography - Winsome Rose Weddings

Nothing mattered more to Zach and Macie on their wedding day than their loved ones. They wanted their wedding to be elegant, timeless, and full of warmth. And on their special day, there were heartfelt toasts from the best man and maid of honor, a choreographed surprise dance with the bride and her parents, and lots of Little Debbie treats (the groom’s favorite). But most importantly, just five days before Christmas, on Zach and Macie’s wedding day, they celebrated surrounded by family, friends, and so much love.        What was your color palette and your style vision? Since we wanted something simple and natural we decided to go with greys, whites, and browns. Our only “color” was the natural evergreen that was used for all of our floral arrangements. Tell us about your…

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Brianna and Zach’s Wedding

Brianna and Zach first met on a chairlift while on vacation at Steamboat Ski Resort. It was the week before Christmas, and without even knowing each other existed, Brianna and Zach both had the same goal in mind: shred some powder in Steamboat, Colorado! Brianna is from Michigan and Zach is from Texas, but it just so happened on that Tuesday, December 18th, they found themselves waiting for the same chairlift at exactly the same time. Zach assessed the situation quickly. The girl in front of him was probably a 10 year old, or a very short, very cute woman. Either way, riding together would get him up the mountain more quickly, which was really all that mattered. "Mind if I ride up with you?" he asked. "Yeah sure," Brianna responded, just hoping she…