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How to Surprise Your Partner, Even From Miles Away: Guest Post by Jennifer Craig

How to Surprise Your Partner, Even From Miles Away - Guest Post by Jennifer Craig - Winsome Rose Journal

One of the most challenging things to do when your partner is miles away is to plan a surprise. Surprises are just one way to help your long-distance relationship maintain a healthy security of love and assurance. From sending a card to making a trip, there are many ways to surprise your partner.   Send a Thoughtful Message One of the greatest ways to connect in a long-distance relationship is to send a thoughtful message. Not just one that says hello or describes the details of your day, but one that is sincere and thought out. Whether it is just a regular day, or one of you is sick, your partner will gladly receive a thoughtful message that shares a little love, even from far away.   Mail A Gift Mailing a gift can…

Relationship Advice

Long Distance Relationships: What to Do to Make it Through

No one wishes for a long distance relationship. Unfortunately, sometimes long distance relationships are inevitable, but there are things to do to make it through the tough times and become an even stronger couple. Kyle and I were long distance for 4 years, and we know the difficulties that come with being so far apart. But we also know what it takes to be successful in a long distance relationship, because here we are, about to be married. We are proud to say we are long distance champs! **insert embarrassing high-five, but we don’t care, because one of our best tips for long distance couples is to not be afraid to be totally dorky together**   Jealousy Jealousy is totally normal, and in most cases, inevitable. It is probably one of the most dangerous…

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Six Things to Do to Enjoy Wedding Planning

6 Things to Do to Enjoy Wedding Planning-With Love Weddings and Lifestyle

You hear it all the time: wedding planning is stressful. And it can be. Things end up over budget, vendors don’t return your emails, and you end up fighting with your fiancé. But that isn’t how you want to remember wedding planning, and it’s not how I want you to remember when you think back to the time leading up to one of the happiest days of your life. So what do you do to make sure you remember the best parts of planning, like the day you found the perfect dress, or when you danced around the living room when your floral quote came in under budget, or when your family and friends all wanted to do everything they could to make your day special and to be part of it?   1.…

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After “I Do”: Guest Post by Jillian Manning

7 Lessons Learned in the First Year of Marriage When Craig and I got married in the summer of 2014, we’d been friends for eight years, together for four, and living together for one. I thought we knew everything there was to know about each other, that actually being married wouldn’t change a thing. On one hand I was right—we still love spending time with our families, watching Netflix, and snoozing on Saturday mornings—but on the other hand I didn’t really know what marriage had in store for us. Here are some of the lessons we learned in our first 365 days as a married couple.   Photo by Windborne Studios   “We” is the correct pronoun. I don’t generally consider myself as a selfish person, but it was a real adjustment to start…