Five Wedding Trends We Love

Wedding trends can come and go, but when a particular trend means something to you, it is totally worth it. Here are some of our favorite wedding trends this year:


1. Sequin Dresses for Bridesmaids

Sequin Bridesmaid DressesDresses by Rachel Gilbert hired from Dressed Up, Photos by Lara Hotz Photography via Green Wedding Shoes


Forget ugly bridesmaids’ dresses, these sequined works of fashion are jaw-droppingly gorgeous. Sequins can pump up a neutral color palette, creating an elegant yet unique look for your bridal party. And the girls don’t have to match exactly. They can each choose a style or color that works for them, and the sequins complete the cohesive and sexy look.

With sequin bridesmaid dresses, the girls get to stand out as they stand by the bride’s side on her wedding day. But don’t worry, she will absolutely still be the center of attention.


2. Dark Blue Tuxedos and Suits

 Blue Suits 1 Blue Suits 3

Top Left-Tuxedo by J. Crew (Ludlow), Photo by Shane and Lauren Photography via 100 Layer Cake; Top Right-Attire by Hugo Boss, Photo by Depict Photography via Bridal Musings; Bottom-Photo by Matthew Morgan Photography via Green Wedding Shoes


Now for the guys…it’s pretty hard to express just how much we love our boys in dark blue tuxedos and suits. Paired with some brown shoes, a nice blue suit is just as handsome as a black tux. And what is great, is that with the variety of shades of blue, the groom can choose a shade different from his groomsmen, because face it, he wants to be the center of attention too.

And, as the incredibly amazing Vicki Grafton of Vicki Grafton Photography shared with us, when taking photos outside, black can be very harsh, while dark blue lends itself to a softer look, perfect for couples wanting a fine art style for their wedding day.


3. Naked Cakes

Naked Cake 1 Naked Cake 2 Naked Cake 3 Naked Cake 4

Top Left-Cake by Fluff Bake Bar, Photo by  Elissa R. Photography via A Practical Wedding; Top Right-Cake by Sweet and Saucy Shop, Photo by  Lauren Scotti Photography via 100 Layer Cake; Bottom Left-Photo via Festival Brides; Bottom Right-Cake by Frances Quinn, Photo by Red on Blonde Photography via Love My Dress


Now, I love frosting just as much as the next gal, but these naked cakes are seriously stunning. As far as delicious desserts go, a naked cake still makes a statement. If you are someone who prefers less frosting or a simpler dessert, a naked cake is the way to go. And your naked cake design can be whatever you want it to be: it can be fun and festive or understated and traditional, simple and tasty or extravagant and luxurious.

Or, if you want to give your guests options, you can always opt for two small cakes, one loaded with sweet, creamy frosting and a naked cake topped with succulent flowers or bright berries.


4. Floral Hair Accessories

Hair 2 Hair 3

Top Left-Photo by Amber Weimer Photography via Bridal Musings; Top Right-Photo by Leif Brandt Photography via Bridal Musings; Bottom-Photo by Logan Cole Photography via Green Wedding Shoes


So feminine and sweet, we love the trend toward floral hairpieces, especially for outdoor weddings. And there are so many ways to incorporate flowers into a hairstyle. You can use just a few large buds in an updo or tucked by your ear, or you can wear a beautiful floral crown, and the crown can be as big or as small as fits with your vision. Whether filled with bright colors or simple neutrals, a floral hairpiece is a nice touch to a romantic wedding hairstyle.


5. Silent Discos

Disco 1

Disco 2

Top-Silent Disco by Silent Disco UK, Photo by Liz Wan Photography via Boho Weddings; Bottom-Silent Disco by Silent Noize Events, Photo by Nicola Thompson Photography via  Boho Weddings

This might be our absolute favorite of all, and here’s why. Some venues are restricted by noise ordinances, forcing happy couples to cut their celebrations short in order to keep the quiet. But with a silent disco, that no longer has to be a problem. Here’s how it works: you rent headphones and transmitters from silent disco companies, then the DJ plugs the transmitter into their equipment, anyone who wants to continue to enjoy some music and dancing puts on a pair of wireless headphones, everyone hears the same song and dances the night away in silent jubilee. Silent discos can also be a great surprise for your guests if you can keep the secret! Your guests won’t expect it, and it will be something about your wedding they will talk about for years after.

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