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Holiday Party Invitations and Cards // Sponsored by Basic Invite

Let’s get real, folks, the holiday season last year was crazy. For Kyle and I, we were newlyweds and had just bought our first home. Not to mention, I was settling into a new job that was so exciting, but incredibly demanding. Needless to say, we didn’t send holiday cards or holiday party invitations last year.

But this year, we can’t wait to send out our holiday party invitations from Basic Invite. Y’all, they are so beautiful!

If you’re looking for elegant and affordable Christmas cards, holiday themed thank yous, or company holiday party invitation ideas, you should check out Basic Invite. With all the options out there, we wanted to share our experience with you so you can create your own memorable stationary this holiday season and cross one more thing off your Christmas to do list!


Married and Merry / Holiday Party Invitations and Cards from Basic Invite // Winsome Rose Journal


We had a blast creating our holiday cards this year. To start, we chose from Basic Invite’s collection of over 250 holiday party invitation and Christmas card designs. They have such a wide variety of modern Christmas party invitations! It was kind of hard to choose which design to start with. But that was part of the fun!

Most people know I love designing pretty things, so the nearly unlimited color options on Basic Invite’s website was perfect for me. And the instant preview feature allows you to play with what colors, fonts, and styles work best to create the perfect holiday party invitation. It’s all about the details!

Full confession: I’m a little indecisive. Okay, a lot indecisive. But with Basic Invite, you can order a printed sample of your actual party invitation so you can see exactly how it will look printed. You can feel the quality of the paper, see how the colors work together in person, and test the print quality of your picture, before you ever have to make your final order. So you can hit that final Checkout button with full confidence.


Be Merry and Happy Holidays / Holiday Party Invitations and Cards from Basic Invite // Winsome Rose Journal


If you are looking for something extra special for your 2017 Christmas cards, Basic Invite has foil options. Cards are available in gold, silver, and rose gold foil (you know I’m all about the gold!). Plus, you can choose between flat or raised foil for your design. Foil is perfect if you want to add wow factor to your design. Make a statement!

Oh, and it doesn’t end there. You also have a choice of over 40 envelope colors. So you can make your card stand out before it is even opened. Bonus: no licking envelopes this year. These envelopes are peel and seal. Thank goodness!

One other cool feature I haven’t mentioned yet is the Address Capturing Service that Basic Invite offers. Through their website, you can share a link on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or any other social media platform to request addresses from friends and family. Then all the addresses are stored within your account, so you can select them throughout the design process. And the best part is that Basic Invite includes address printing for free on any holiday card orders!


Peace Love Joy / Holiday Party Invitations and Cards from Basic Invite // Winsome Rose Journal


Honestly, one of the things that made me feel the most confident in ordering from Basic Invite was their “Love It Guarantee”. Either you love your final product, or they make it right. There’s already enough stress that comes with the holiday season, so taking the worry out of sending your seasons greetings is a huge relief.

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If you’re still not sure quite what you want for your holiday party invitations or are debating on what you want for your Christmas cards, check out Basic  Invite and see if any of their designs spark your interest. For more design inspiration, you can find them @basicinvite on Pinterest, Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. Happy Holidays!

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