Our Love Story is My Favorite…How Breanna and Kyle Met

It was a simple moment: the new girl walking into a full classroom on the first day of a new semester, a class she had no business being in, a class she would try three times to get out of. But in this class there was a boy, a senior boy, charming and sweet, though totally unaware of it. A regular day in a regular high school, when a boy offered a girl his seat, and from the corner of her eye she looked at him and thought, this boy is cute.

The best things in life come when you least expect them. At fifteen, Breanna wasn’t looking for her soul mate. But she found him in fourth period. Kyle knew right away, though he would never admit it.


The Best Mistake of Their Lives

Breanna checked her phone for the thousandth time. No new message. Just a single text she’d sent him.


Hey, what’s up?


Was he going to text her back? They’d never texted before. She hadn’t even meant the message for him, but, of course, she didn’t check the highlighted name at the top of the screen before hitting send. One name too far on her list of contacts. They had exchanged numbers in class, having just started a group project. Why did this have to happen? Oh no, what was he going to think when he saw her message?


Why is she texting me? Kyle thought when he checked his phone and found a text message from the girl in his class. She better not be worrying about their class project…over Christmas break.


I’m in Florida with my family for Christmas break.


No, no, no, no. He was on vacation, and not just off-of-school vacation, but quality-time-with-family vacation. So she did what every high school girl does when she doubts that the cute boy really wants to talk to her.


Oh, well, I’m sorry to bother you. Have fun!


She cringed and hit send. Both hoping that would be the end of the incredibly awkward conversation and wanting him to insist he didn’t mind. Why did one little text take so long to send?!

Then her phone vibrated, and she smiled. They didn’t stop texting the entire Christmas break, even sending pictures of each other’s family parties and opened gifts. From 1,500 miles apart, they shared their first Christmas, and on December 23, 2008, Kyle asked Breanna out on their first date.


Breanna and Kyle

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