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How to Surprise Your Partner, Even From Miles Away: Guest Post by Jennifer Craig

One of the most challenging things to do when your partner is miles away is to plan a surprise. Surprises are just one way to help your long-distance relationship maintain a healthy security of love and assurance. From sending a card to making a trip, there are many ways to surprise your partner.


Send a Thoughtful Message

One of the greatest ways to connect in a long-distance relationship is to send a thoughtful message. Not just one that says hello or describes the details of your day, but one that is sincere and thought out. Whether it is just a regular day, or one of you is sick, your partner will gladly receive a thoughtful message that shares a little love, even from far away.


Mail A Gift

Mailing a gift can be a sweet surprise to remind your love that you still care about them. Include mementos of endearment, photos, their favorite treat, and a special note. A gift uplifts the spirit and reminds your partner that you are there for them, no matter the distance.


Plan a Party in a Box

It can be challenging to be away from your partner when a holiday or birthday comes up on the calendar. Even if you are separated due to circumstance, you can still plan a party. The party just happens to be in a box. Inside the box, include party hats, a mini party game, a treat, photos, and a note to remind them that although you are not there, you can still be a part of their celebration. And planning everything together can be part of the fun.


Secretly Plan a Visit

Secretly planning a visit can be very tricky, but definitely not impossible. Connect with their friends, family, or even boss if you need to make sure you know where they will be when you schedule your plane ticket. Secretly be in communication with the people around them to plan your arrival accordingly.

If your partner inquires about the week you may be visiting, make sure to ensure them you will be busy with friends or family. When you arrive, figure out how you can navigate the terrain for the best way to surprise them. There is nothing sweeter than seeing the surprise on their face when they thought you were still miles away!


Be Strategic and Have Fun

Some people are harder to surprise than others, so the key to surprising your partner is to be strategic. Have fun with planning a special gift or secretly devising a plan to show up and greet them with all the excitement and love you have in your heart.

No matter the miles that separate you, it is the love that connects you that allows you to be able to pull off a surprise. Only you know your partner best, which means it is up to you to configure the grandest details for the best surprises. Find little and big ways to ensure your partner feels secure in your love, even from miles away.



Jennifer Craig, SurviveLDRJennifer Craig is a long-distance relationship success story. She started SurviveLDR for women who want to survive and thrive in long-distance relationships. For more advice on how to make long-distance relationships work, follow her on Instagram, like her on Facebook and follow her on Twitter.

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