What to Do When Everyone Wants to Tell You What is Best For Your Wedding

One of the most common complaints about wedding planning is the overwhelming opinions of other people. With the intimidating number of choices that have to be made in order to plan a wedding, it makes sense that you will encounter a whole lot of advice. Often, other people can be helpful, thinking in different ways and providing new perspectives, but sometimes it can all be too much. In those moments when you don’t want to listen to one more suggestion or concern, here’s what you should do:


1. Remember That They Speak Up Because They Love You

As you move towards your wedding, people will want to weigh in. Those who love you want to feel that they are a big part of one of the most special days of your life. All the suggestions, concerns, and ideas are tokens of their love for you. Wedding planning should be fun, and the memories you make along the way will be just as special as the memories made on your wedding day, because in both cases you will be surrounded by people who care about you.


Michelle and Dan's Wedding-Emily Jane Photography


2. Just Listen (Nod and Smile)

You won’t take every piece of advice you are given when planning your wedding. In fact, you will not use most of the advice you’re given, but that doesn’t mean you should refuse to listen. There may be something someone suggests that you never would have thought of on your own, and if you had cut them off or closed your mind to the possibilities, you could have missed out on some great wisdom. You might totally disagree with what someone says, but showing them the respect of hearing them out will mean as much as if you had followed their advice.


Melissa and Dan's Wedding-Emily Jane Photography


3. Take the Time to Cast Your Vision

Listening is important, but it is just as vital that you speak up. Your voice is the most important, and the clearer you make what you want for your special day, the more helpful the comments you receive will be. You will never get people to stop voicing their opinions, so giving them the most information possible allows them to give beneficial feedback. This way, you are involving the people who love you in the planning, without losing your own vision.


Alyssa and Tim's Wedding-Emily Jane Photography


4.     Know That It is Still Your Wedding

This may seem obvious, but when the cacophony of voices begins, it can be easy to settle for something you don’t want in order to please someone else. Don’t. It is your wedding day, and no matter what anyone may try to tell you, it is absolutely about you. As long as you handle the situation with tact and poise, it is perfectly fine to remember that this is your day. Your wedding is a day to celebrate YOU.


Alex and Michael's Wedding-Emily Jane Photography


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